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Well in Mind Self-Care Tip of the Week

A Guide to Manage Tough Times

  • Focus on Future Goals
    • When the present is painful, it’s okay to shift your focus to future goals that help you feel excited, motivated, peaceful, and more in control
    • Set goals that will help improve your day-to-day routine to bring you more joy and peace
    • Set bigger future goals that help shift bigger problem areas, like finances, school etc.
  • Generate Positive Memories
    • Even when times are stressful in a relationship or at work, we have to also think about the positive and good memories that are part of those experiences
    • Actively engage in reliving past, positive moments to help counter the present negative memories
  • Find Laughter
    • Laughter reduces stress and eases symptoms of depression!
    • The source of laughter is not as important as actively seeking out people, places, memories etc. that will elicit laughter for you
  • Stay Engaged
    • Finding ways to stay engaged in your life and active in the pursuits that make you happy is one way to begin working through stress restoring your life to balance
    • Set reminders on your calendar to engage in hobbies, attend events, call friends even when you don’t feel like it
    • Ask yourself: if I’ll be stressed/tired etc whether I do the hobby/go to the event or not, is it better to stay home and be stressed and tired, or do something that could give me the chance to feel better?

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Well in Mind Self-care Tip of the Week

Reminder from December about what Well in Mind is and where the Lavender Room is located.

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