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Well In Mind Self-Care Tip of the Week

Keeping a professional attitude can be a challenge, especially when a disruptive person is invested in lashing out or arguing rather than resolving a situation. Rational detachment is the ability to keep calm and stay in control of one’s behavior during an uncomfortable situation despite feelings of anger or frustration

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Well In Mind Self-Care Tip

How to support someone in a crisis:

Know the Warning Signs

  • Looking sad or down
  • Spacy, forgetful, easily distracted
  • Overly apologetic
  • Extreme mood changes
  • Not as socially engaged
  • Appearing overtired
  • Short, snappy, quicker to lash out
  • Decreased ability to cope with stress
  • Talking about drinking/substances
  • Suicidal thoughts: I don’t want to be here anymore, I can’t take this, You’d be better off without me, What’s the point of trying
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