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Show Us Your #MyBestShot

As Riverside employees continue to stand on the front lines to fight COVID, some have documented the moment they received the historic COVID-19 vaccine.

Send us your #MyBestShot to have your vaccine photo included in Connection and tell us why you decided to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Photos can be submitted here

Dr. Khisty receives the second dose of his vaccine
LaTivia Carr receives the second dose of the COVID Vaccine
Sam O’Connor receives her second vaccine dose.
Lisa & Paul Chidichimo after receiving their second dose, “Thank you Riverside for the opportunity and commitment to our team.”
Dr. Brown, receiving her second dose. “Round 2 in the books!”
Dan B., who works housekeeping at RHFC receives his 2nd COVID Vaccine.
The second vaccine dose received for Riverside Home Care Staff!
Lexi Metscheleit receiving her second vaccine dose.
Bruce R. completing his 2nd dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine.
Riverside Oncologist Dr. Annabelle Veerapaneni decided to document getting the historic COVID-19 vaccine. “I want my daughters to see me get it,” she said. Riverside Healthcare began vaccinating employees Wednesday afternoon.
Riverside CEO, Phil Kambic receiving his COVID Vaccine.
Liz Healy receives her COVID Vaccine.
Erika Schultz getting her COVID Vaccine.
Deana Wilson receiving her COVID Vaccine.
Dr. Azoff getting her COVID Vaccine. “I’m proud to do my part in protecting my family, community, and patients!”
Whitney Trevino saying, “✌️ Out Covid. I did it for myself, my family, and for you and your family!”
Michael Anderson, MD, says, “The next major step is returning to normalcy. Get Vaccinated!!”
Lori Tison receiving her COVID Vaccine
Kathryn Locke, FNP-BC receiving her vaccine
Barbara VerHaar, overjoyed the vaccine is finally here!
Allison Savini, RN, receives her vaccine
Meredith B., Stacy B., and Glenda G. show their shot cards after receiving the COVID Vaccine.
Family Nurse Practitioner, Vanessa Capps receiving her COVID Vaccine.
Dr. Mitchell receiving her COVID Vaccine.
VP of Institutional Advancement Matt McBurnie taking his #MyBestShot to protect his family and loved ones from COVID.
SVP and Chief Operating Officer Kyle Benoit receiving his #MyBestShot.
Marketing Communications Representative Katie Salwei doing her part and taking her #MyBestShot.

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Nurse to Nurse: Welcome our newest nurses to the Riverside Family

We are delighted to have the following nurses join our team. On behalf of everyone at Riverside, we would like to extend our warmest welcome and good wishes to the newest Riverside Nurses!

Morgan Alcorn
Jennifer Benson
Hannah Dayhoff
Kelsey Gilboy
Christian Jimenez
Amber Pesavento
Ashley Reves
Jacy Shank
Jessica Taylor
Haley Williams
Jessica Arnstrom
Viralkumari Daslaniya
Stephanie Evans
Rachel Goodberlet
Colin Lamie
Anne Price
Chelsee Roberts
Molly Snyder
Amy Tiburtini
Natasha Wlaznik
Abigail Becker
Meghan Davis
Kristina Gardner
Maris Heil
Nadya Payne
Marissa Pulido
Amber Rudd
Lydia Steinke
Caroline Torkelson
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Nurse to Nurse: Focusing on the Good

I am sure that you will agree that 2020 has been one of the most challenging and difficult years in our lifetime.

Riverside Nurses, like many nurses across the globe, have been on the front lines caring for patients without fail or fear in the face of the ongoing pandemic. During the hardships, staff have continued to forge ahead and keep the focus on living our mission of providing our kindest touch and strongest commitment to excellence! We have not overcome Covid-19, but there is a glimmer of hope that we will be able to ease the damaging effects of this virus in the near future. I encourage you all to remain hopeful, prayerful, and vigilant in slowing the spread through practicing the recommended safety measures.

We have entered the holiday season and I want to express my sincere gratitude for the resilience, teamwork, and compassion our nursing team continues to exhibit through these challenging times. It’s during these moments that I find myself focusing my energy on finding the good in every situation. There are many good things happening here at Riverside. There are nurses who are grateful for their Riverside family, and who have banded together during these last several weeks to lift each other up and persevere through trying times. Our teamwork shows us that we are stronger when we are together.

During recent leader rounds nurses on the COVID Unit shared what they are grateful for:

Kate D. 5E RN- “I am thankful for how strong our team is.”

Cassaundra F. 5E RN- “I am thankful for coffee-it gets us through.”

Melissa B. 5E RN- “Things are great overall. Our team is working under tough conditions, and they are pulling together and supporting each other, which makes things better.”

Tara K. – “I am thankful for my salvation, my family, and my faith.”

Many staff expressed sincere gratitude for the overwhelming support the Inpatient Tower has received from the Manpower Pool support staff. The Riverside Family has really exemplified the “One Riverside” mantra.

All of the staff throughout the inpatient nursing tower have shared that they are thankful for the new Massimo® vital signs machine that have EMR integration. This new technology enhances our care by providing the following:

  • Replaces current NIBP machines past support life cycle
  • Improves work efficiencies
    • Helps eliminate manual transcript errors
    • Easy positive patient identification
    • Designed for easy maintenance
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Actions Taken to Improve Staffing

  1. Streamlined the CNA hiring process & raised minimum pay to $15.00 per hour
  2. Approved Transport Team for 2020 (accelerated from 2021)
  3. Created the new Safety Partner role (initial hiring set at 10 FTE’s)
  4. Posted and filled leadership position: 5 East Manager position filled; IMC & ER Manager positions posted
  5. Created an incentive program (to staff overnights with Riverside staff) and enhanced extra shift incentives for nursing departments
  6. Enhanced RN orientation program to support new grads
  7. Aproved agency usage to supplement staffing (on meds/surgery units)
  8. Streamlined approval process to fill open RN positions and hosted a job fair on November 18th, 2020
  9. Reviewed the float rotation and provided meal tickets and coffee bucks for staff who float
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How Unions Work

At RMC, we value the trusted relationship we have with you, and we want to continue working together directly to fulfill our mission. To understand our position on unions, it is helpful to understand what a union is, and what a union is not. 

What is a union?

A union is a business. It is not a club, a professional nursing association, or a social organization. Unions represent employees in dealings with employers. In return, unions charge fees – commonly called “dues” – which are usually monthly deductions taken directly from employee paychecks.

Today, less than 7% of employees working in the private sector belong to a union. But, like any business, unions need revenue in order to stay in business; and union revenue comes from the dues paid by union members. Simply put, unions need new members to survive and stay in business.

What is collective bargaining?

Collective bargaining is a process of negotiation between an employer and a group of employees (in this case, a union) aimed at coming to an agreement to regulate salaries, working conditions, benefits, and other aspects of compensation and/or rights for workers.

The process of collective bargaining, in which employees elect a union to represent them in adversarial negotiations with management, is often a conflict-oriented process. During bargaining, the union can make demands which management is then free to accept, modify, or reject completely.  

Under collective bargaining, a small group of union representatives and nurses would speak for all RMC nurses, regardless of departmentunit, specialty, etc., meaning not every voice will be heard.

What Unions Can and Cannot Do

A union has no independent power or authority to change employees’ terms and conditions of employment.  In fact, when employees elect to unionize, the only thing the union “wins” is the right to ask management to provide the things the union promised to the employees (e.g. more pay, more benefits, more staffing, etc.)

During collective bargaining, management is required to consider the union’s demands in good faith; but the law permits management to say “no” and decide for themselves what the hospital is willing to agree to. Ultimately, even when a union is elected, management retains the right to manage the hospital.

In sum, the main power unions have is power over their own members.  For example, unions can do the following:

  • Collect dues, fees, fines, and assessments from their members
  • Negotiate and make proposals
  • Refuse to act on an employee’s grievance
  • Represent all employees, including those who voted against the union
  • Require employees to go on strike
  • Discipline, issue penalties, and/or fine members who violate union rules (i.e. the union’s constitution and by-laws)

  Again, a union has no power or authority to do any of the following:  

  • Guarantee a union contract
  • Guarantee higher wages
  • Guarantee better benefits
  • Guarantee hours
  • Guarantee employment
  • Provide more staff (i.e., nurses, CNAs, etc.)
  • Prevent layoffs
  • Prevent termination for just cause
  • Set job standards
  • Fire or transfer managers

Get the Facts and Don’t Sign Anything Unless You are Sure

The union’s organizers work hard to make unionization and collective bargaining sound simple and appealing.  For example, organizers often promise that unionization will result in “more” (i.e., pay, benefits, staffing, etc.); but these are only promises – not guarantees. 

We feel strongly that unionization is not in the best interest of RMC nurses, our patients, or our hospital.  This is why we encourage you to learn all the facts about the union before making any decisions, and – importantly – we encourage you to not sign anything in support of the union unless you are absolutely sure of what you are signing.

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