Nurse to Nurse: Focusing on the Good

I am sure that you will agree that 2020 has been one of the most challenging and difficult years in our lifetime.

Riverside Nurses, like many nurses across the globe, have been on the front lines caring for patients without fail or fear in the face of the ongoing pandemic. During the hardships, staff have continued to forge ahead and keep the focus on living our mission of providing our kindest touch and strongest commitment to excellence! We have not overcome Covid-19, but there is a glimmer of hope that we will be able to ease the damaging effects of this virus in the near future. I encourage you all to remain hopeful, prayerful, and vigilant in slowing the spread through practicing the recommended safety measures.

We have entered the holiday season and I want to express my sincere gratitude for the resilience, teamwork, and compassion our nursing team continues to exhibit through these challenging times. It’s during these moments that I find myself focusing my energy on finding the good in every situation. There are many good things happening here at Riverside. There are nurses who are grateful for their Riverside family, and who have banded together during these last several weeks to lift each other up and persevere through trying times. Our teamwork shows us that we are stronger when we are together.

During recent leader rounds nurses on the COVID Unit shared what they are grateful for:

Kate D. 5E RN- “I am thankful for how strong our team is.”

Cassaundra F. 5E RN- “I am thankful for coffee-it gets us through.”

Melissa B. 5E RN- “Things are great overall. Our team is working under tough conditions, and they are pulling together and supporting each other, which makes things better.”

Tara K. – “I am thankful for my salvation, my family, and my faith.”

Many staff expressed sincere gratitude for the overwhelming support the Inpatient Tower has received from the Manpower Pool support staff. The Riverside Family has really exemplified the “One Riverside” mantra.

All of the staff throughout the inpatient nursing tower have shared that they are thankful for the new Massimo® vital signs machine that have EMR integration. This new technology enhances our care by providing the following:

  • Replaces current NIBP machines past support life cycle
  • Improves work efficiencies
    • Helps eliminate manual transcript errors
    • Easy positive patient identification
    • Designed for easy maintenance