Changes to REACH Program

Level 1

  • You must complete the 2021 REACH Consent Form in order to receive ANY Level 1 incentive. You can do so by clicking the highlighted link on the “Get Started!” tile on the REACH portal homepage. Once completed, the Participation Consent Form Icon will turn green on your incentive tile.
  • Participants must have their labs drawn at least 24 hours prior to their REACH visit. REACH appointments without lab values will not be accepted.
  • Participants who use a RMG Provider for their Annual REACH Wellness Visit will no longer need to bring a REACH annual well visit form to their appointment. Documentation will automatically be sent to Asset Health. Documentation of your REACH well visit and labs will be viewable on your REACH platform within ten days of your visit.
  • Employees who use a non-RMG Provider will still need to print off the annual REACH well visit form, which is available for download on the “Download Well Visit Form” tile of the REACH portal. You can either upload the form using the Asset Health app or fax it to the number noted on the bottom of the form. Documentation of your REACH well visit and labs will be viewable in your REACH platform within ten days of your visit.
  • PCP Well Visit must be done by a provider office. Visits from fast or immediate care clinics will not be accepted.
  • To better align the REACH screening process with screening recommendations, lipid profiles will only be ordered annually for males and females over the age of 40. All new hires will have a baseline lipid profile upon hire. Participants will no longer need to fast for REACH labs.
  • Employees are encouraged to use MyChart to schedule their annual well visit. For your convenience, a MyChart link is available on the REACH portal.

REMINDER! Preventative services are 100% covered through your UMR health plan. This includes medical nutritional
counseling through the Riverside Diabetes Wellness Center. Nutritional counseling is available for diagnoses such as
weight management, obesity, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, prediabetes, and hypertension. You are encouraged to utilize
these services to meet your health goals.

Level 2

Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) has been added as a required RAS for participants who do not meet two out
of three key metrics. The Riverside Diabetes Wellness Center will provide this service. Participants will be able to schedule these appointments in person or as a telehealth virtual visit using their MyChart. Log into the REACH Portal Today!