Tree-Mendous Staff: September

In honor of the white oak trees that previously grew on the land beneath Riverside Medical Center, we have created an employee/RMG provider contest called TREE-Mendous (replaces previous Brightest Star contest).

TREE-Mendous is the highest recognition we can grant any Riverside employees/providers with recognition and prizes focused on our consistently best of the best providers and staff from all departments/areas of our entire health system.

Eligible providers and employees are those who rise high each day, consistently living in words and actions the behaviors that create remarkable journeys for coworkers and patients/residents and in good standing according to Human Resources records.

Tree-mendous staff branch out as role models to us all—living our keywords and Professional Standards of Behavior with every patient and coworker, striving for caring, positive connections with every person ALWAYS.

We have had several nominations come in for our Tree-Mendous staff here at Riverside. Their stories are described in the attachment.