Well In Mind's Self-Care Tip of the Week

Help for When You Feel Unappreciated at Work:

  • Make time for 1:1 Meetings: Managers are busy, and often it’s a time crunch that gets in the way of them providing praise or feedback             
    • By sitting face to face, you can have a focused conversation about your work and your needs
  • Get to Know Your Manager’s Leadership Style: Everyone has different communication and leadership styles, and taking them into consideration can help you understand why you may be feeling unappreciated at work
    • Getting to know your manager’s habits—like when and how they share feedback, whether they’re more introverted or extroverted, and whether they prefer to acknowledge your team as a whole or quietly give kudos to individuals—can help you level your expectations and meet your boss where they are
    • Plus, you may get a better idea of when and how to seek feedback
  • Don’t Wait to Celebrate Wins: At the end of the day, your validation from within counts most!
    • Try shifting your mindset from one that seeks external validation to one that offers yourself unwavering self-acceptance
    • Don’t wait for someone else to tell you that you did a good job! Cherish your achievements and appreciate yourself for every milestone and success
  • Share Your Kudos: Creating an environment where everyone feels valued can start with you!
    • Make it a habit to recognize your team members for their work, and don’t hesitate to share your gratitude when they go out of their way to help out or take the lead
  • Ask for What You Need: Often in life, getting what you need requires asking for what you want
    • You can ask for feedback on a more regular basis by asking your manager, “What should I start, stop, and continue doing?”
    • It’s also okay to specifically ask for positive feedback
    • Although it can be difficult to be vulnerable at work, telling your manager that you’re struggling to feel seen and heard could open a door to more recognition

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