Well in Mind's Self-Care Tip of the Week

Peaceful Transition Ritual: Letting go of stress at the end of the day

You are likely more overloaded at work now than ever before, and with changes to routine at home and work, stress may be steadily increasing. If you feel spent at the end of your shift, try this peaceful transition exercise so you can return home in a more relaxed mindset:

Engage in this routine sometime between getting in your car at work and before entering your house:

  • Honor the difficult parts of your day.
  • Take a few deep exhales to release these parts.
  • Celebrate the good parts of your day.
  • Take a few deep inhales to enhance these parts.
  • Anticipate your evening going well, visualize it happening, and identify how you’ll feel as those anticipated events occur:

Example: I come home from work and see my hound dog wagging his tail, I feel happy. I give my partner a hug and kiss and feel connected and safe.  I take a relaxing bath, eat a tasty dinner, and then get cozy on the couch with my dog and partner and watch a show we enjoy together. I go to bed feeling grateful and at peace, and I sleep soundly through the night.

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