Well In Mind's Self-Care Tip of the Week

Managing Stress at Work

Health care workers prioritize the needs of others over their own needs, so self-care can be complex and challenging.  During work shifts, try to engage in these behaviors:

  • Working in partnerships or in teams
    • Regular check-ins with colleagues, family, and friends
    • Brief relaxation/stress management breaks
    • Regular peer consultation and supervision
    • Time-outs for basic bodily care and refreshment
    • Self-monitoring and pacing
    • Regularly seeking out accurate information and mentoring to assist in making decisions
    • Doing your best to maintain helpful self-talk and avoid overgeneralizing fears
    • Focusing your efforts on what is within your power
    • Acceptance of situations you cannot change
    • Fostering a spirit of fortitude, patience, tolerance, and hope

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