Well in Mind's Self-Care Tip of the Week

Four Affirmations for Stress Relief

Mantra #1: With every breath, I feel myself relaxing.

  • How to use: Say as you inhale, and then exhale, visualizing any tension you have melting away with the breath.
  • How it can help: Releases pent-up tension in shoulders, neck, & stomach; helps to shift focus from worried thoughts to the body which relaxes the mind.

Mantra #2: I have control over how I feel & I choose to feel at peace

  • How to use: Place one hand over heart, one over belly, recite 3 times.
  • How it can help: Reminds you that you may not be in control over everything in life, but you are in control of how you feel and how we respond to the situations that come our way.

Mantra #3: All experiences are helping me grow.

  • How to use: Repeat several times when you feel overwhelmed
  • How it can help: It reframes stress as a new challenge, an opportunity for growth; empowers you, decreasing feelings of helplessness.

Mantra #4: I give myself permission to let go of what no longer serves me.

  • How to use: Repeat several times, especially when you feel stuck thinking about old situations, patterns, emotions etc.
  • How it can help: Releases energy and tension spent focusing on the past, and makes room for improving thoughts, feelings, behaviors, relationships.

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