Well in Mind: Weekly Minute

Continue to Protect Yourself from Mental Fatigue

Mental stress experienced from COVID is still being felt by everyone. Follow these quick tips to protect yourself from mental fatigue.

  • Safety: Follow COVID-19 specific health and safety guidance provided by the Riverside Employee Health Department and Riverside Policy and Procedures.
  • Calm: Maintain your day-to-day normal activities and routine. Eat healthy, exercise, avoid nicotine/alcohol/illegal drugs, cool your temper, do things that bring you joy and laughter, and try to get enough sleep. Learn and practice coping techniques such as deep breathing, visualizations, and muscle relaxation. Talk to a mental health professional if your stress level seems overwhelming.
  • Connect: Stress is reduced when we are able to connect with our friends and loved ones. Maintaining connections can bring a sense of comfort and stability. Talking through our concerns/ thoughts/feelings with others can also help us find helpful ways of thinking about or dealing with a stressful situation.
  • Empowerment & Self-Efficacy: Control your exposure to news and social media reports. While it is important to stay aware of the situation, overexposure will keep you in a heightened state of stress. Instead, focus your attention on things that are positive in your life and take action over what you have control over.

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