Well in Mind: Weekly Minute

Events happening in the world since the COVID-19 Pandemic started have caused us to remain in a state of chronic threat-based physiological arousal without recovery.  Our stressors have not ceased long enough to allow us to relax.   The following strategies may help protect your mental health:

AcceptanceAccepting that different variants of this virus as well as discussion about the vaccine, will stick around for a while can protect you from feeling uncertain, ruminating about when it will end, and being hyper vigilant.  Acceptance is an active process of learning to live more peacefully with the things you cannot change. 

Gaining PerspectiveThink about what COVID and the world’s events haven’t taken away from you. You may still have a loving family, pride in your work, healthy routines, or meaningful hobbies. You may still be connected to your spiritual or work community, even if not in person. 

Maintaining hopeWe have the capacity to adapt to new and difficult circumstances. The U.S. also has outstanding healthcare, public health leaders, great scientific minds, and financial resources. 

Finding your resilienceSeeing yourself as a resilient person who can get through this difficult period in the world can be a valuable mindset change.  Think about the difficult times you have endured in the past and what helped you get through. Remember your inner strengths like courage, wisdom, or having an entrepreneurial spirit. Think about the people in your life, or community resources you can turn to for help. 

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