Well In Mind Self-Care Tip of the Week

WELL In Mind Weekly Minute: How to manage the very difficult

Even during “normal” times, many of us feel we aren’t fulfilling our spouse, parent and employee roles perfectly.  Today it might seem impossible, but we can aspire to be our best selves and remember that we won’t always be living in a pandemic.  In the meantime, there are coping strategies you can use to alleviate any burnout.

  • Accept that not everything can be a priority. Recognize that you are working multiple jobs in ways that you haven’t before.
  • Every weekend, make a plan for the upcoming week that includes your work and household tasks as well as your children’s school and non-school activities. Use a planner or wall calendar that everyone in the house can see.
  • Within that schedule, allow for flexibility.  Allow children to have some role in the planning to help them feel more involved in the process.
  • In terms of the school day, quality over quantity matters. Plan for other activities and try to make sure some of them don’t involve a screen.
  • Be creative and take a non-traditional approach. There is no rulebook for these times so do what works best for you and your family.

Remember to take care of yourself.  If you’re feeling overwhelmed, tired or just not yourself, you’re less likely to meet today’s demands. In addition to good nutrition and exercise, below are some tips to help you be your best self:

  • Set a time to be off from work and adhere to it.
  • While the ability to travel may be limited, still try to use some vacation time, even if it is just a day or two, to recharge.
  • Arrange a support group/virtual meet-up with friends/other parents as a way to share ideas on what has worked and what hasn’t.

If you continue to feel overwhelmed, contact the Well In Mind EAP.  We’re here to help.  (815) 933-2240 option #2.