Well In Mind Self-Care Tip of the Week

10 Things to Do at RMCto Recharge

  1. Walk/Sit by the River. It is beautiful, peaceful, and often quiet with minimal to no traffic. Take 10 minutes to walk on the river path, or sit on a bench or in the gazebo and focus on the sound of the river, the pretty landscaping, and relax your mind and body. Not at the hospital?Aim to get outside and enjoy the nature available to you near your office.
  2. Check out the Lavender Room. Room A155 in the surgical hallway is the lavender room. It has 2 recliners and overlooks the central garden area. Schedule time in to your day to  check it out and unwind! Not at the hospital? Ask your supervisor about creating a lavender room at your location.
  3. Sit down to eat, with no screens. Even if it’s a snack, or a few bites, make an effort to sit down to eat, and even better eat without a phone or computer in front of you!
  4. Share a positive story with a co-worker. Whether it’s personal or professional, intentionally share a positive story with a co-worker to boost morale and mood.
  5. Take the stairs. Especially if you experience the afternoon slump, pick at least 1 time per day where you take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  6. Write a connection card. Focusing on the good work others are doing, or the ways they make our lives better and easier, can help reduce stress. Send a connection card to let a co-worker know you see and value them.
  7. Music. Listen to music you enjoy on your way to or from work, or during some down time at work. Listening to music can relax our mind and body and help quiet stressful thoughts.
  8. Take a new route. Take a new route on your commute to work, or how you enter the building. When we take new routes, our brain notices things in new ways, and when we are not on autopilot, our mind is less likely to be roaming with stressful thoughts.
  9. Clean your area. Clutter increases stress and decreases our mood. Take a few minutes to tidy up your space, and add some pictures of nature or other peaceful things, places, or people that you can look at throughout the day when you need to relax.
  10.  Call Well In Mind. We are here for you! Reach out to schedule a therapy appointment, or if it’s a moment of significant distress reach out and ask for tools and tips to use in the moment to help you cope.

Well In Mind is here for you.  Call 815-933-2240 to schedule an appointment or to ask about your EAP benefits.