Well in Mind Self-Care Tip of the Week

Stress is any demand/ pressure that causes you to change from a state of balance.  It is a perception that the demands being placed outweigh your resources for coping.  The more control you perceive to have, the less impact stress has on you.

Questions to ask to Manage Stress

  • Can I view this situation as challenging or exciting instead of stressful?
  • Can I think of past times I rose above/handled stress well?
  • Social supports- who can I call right now to help lower my stress? WELL IN MIND!
  • What can I change about this situation?
  • What can I let go about this situation?
  • What can I accept about this situation?
  • What needs to change about my sleep habits?
    • Stay off social media 1 hour before bed
    • Engage in relaxing rather than stimulating activities 1 hour before bed: reading instead of TV, a warm bath, listening to music
  • Exercise- How can I raise my heartrate/sweat more?
    • Taking the stairs
    • Doing lunges while taking a walk
    • Doing jumping jacks or lifting arms and alternating legs
  • Is what I’m eating fueling my brain and body?
    • Limit sugary snacks, processed foods and increase fresh fruits and veggies

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