Well in Mind Self Care Tip of the Week

10 Ways to Practice Savoring

  1. Capitalizing: Share your good feelings with others.
  2. Pictures: Take a real or mental picture of a good moment to remember later.
  3. Celebrate: Honor the successes in your day, big or small.
  4. Mindfulness: Actively pay attention to your senses to really absorb the moment.
  5. Expression: Outwardly express good feelings.
  6. Gratitude: Give thanks to what is good – in the moment and throughout the day.
  7. Single pointed focus: Decrease multi-tasking and get absorbed in a positive/calming activity.
  8. Reminisce: Think back on good memories by conjuring up imagery or talking about it.
  9. Anticipate: Think about future experiences by conjuring up imagery or talking about your excitement.
  10. Walking/Eating: As you walk or eat, practice focusing on the senses and what you are enjoying about the moment.

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