Well in Mind: Creative Ways to Celebrate Holidays Despite COVID
  • Think about how you would feel most comfortable celebrating, write down all of the options, and then talked to loved ones.
  • Stretch the holiday over a few days, keep the gathering shorter, and limit the focus on food and drinks so people can wear their masks the majority of the time.
  • Have a family member share their star recipe everyone usually looks forward to, and schedule a Zoom call where everyone can practice making it together, but safely in their own home.
  • Schedule zoom calls to play trivia games, showcase table settings or decorations, or share what you are grateful for post meal while everyone is digesting food.
  • Skip the traditional meal and cook or purchase what you’ve always dreamed of eating. Be flexible and creative! Ask co-workers, friends, and family for their favorite and easy recipes.
  • If you will be alone, plan ahead to have a few things to look forward to that day, whether joining a few virtual calls, ensuring you’ll have a meal you enjoy, or getting out of the house to view Christmas lights and listen to music in the car.
  • Honor how you’re feeling- excited, happy, lonely, sad, stressed. It’s all real, it’s all valid. Focus on what is going well and what you enjoy while also acknowledging the less pleasant emotions.