Well in Mind: 6 Coping Strategies to Combat Pandemic Fatigue
  1. Self-Care is not optional! Part of our professional obligation is to strive for our own well-being. Put your own oxygen mask on first! Self-care can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or social. For specific ideas, try the self-care inventory: NAMI Self-Care Inventory
  2. Set attainable well-being goals and strive to implement your well-being plan. Those goals might include exercise, meditation, nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, prayer, gardening, connections with others, music, reading, or other forms of restoration. Find the right match for you and do it regularly.
  3. Take time off, if available. While in years past, we may have saved vacation days for travel or going to the beach, that may be less realistic for the foreseeable future. Enjoy experiences with your family, friends, and pets.
  4. Take a vacation from news and social media. The bombardment of negative and sensational headlines can be overwhelming. There is little need to know the daily tally of coronavirus infections and deaths, unless your job is dependent upon those figures. Political discord will continue whether we follow it daily or not.
  5. Seek diversions that are meaningful. Spend time intentionally and do things that give you meaning.
  6. Create predictable routines. Focus on managing the things you have control over.