Mindful Minute

10 Ways to Create an Emotionally Healthy Home
The emotional health of the home you are raised in impacts you for the rest of your life

  1. Provide Time, Attention, and Affection: Make family meals a priority. Develop rituals such as reading a story together before bedtime. Show affection, express how much you care, and practice being present with everyone every single day by giving genuine attention.
  2. Design a Space That Evokes Positive Emotions: Whether it’s a sanctuary-like space or family photos that make everyone smile.
  3. Establish Clear Rules: Rules are meant to keep everyone safe — both physically and emotionally. Set rules that will help everyone understand what’s acceptable and what isn’t.
  4. Provide Consequences for Rule Violations: Make consequences known ahead of time.
  5. Use ‘Feeling’ Words Liberally: This will help everyone feel more comfortable talking about their emotions and build your children’s emotional vocabulary.
  6. Validate Everyone’s Emotions: Make it clear that whatever someone feels is OK. It’s what they choose to do with those emotions that matters.
  7. Hold Tough Conversations: Ignoring the “elephant in the room” won’t make problems go away. Tackle tough topics with love and honesty and show your family its okay.
  8. Practice Healthy Conflict Resolution: Using the silent treatment, yelling, making threats, or calling one another names will crush the emotional health of any home. Compromise, set healthy boundaries, and problem-solve together to resolve conflict
  9. Reach for Healthy Coping Skills: Practice healthy coping strategies like reading, gardening, and exercising. Show how to manage your emotional distress in a healthy way.
  10. Talk about Mental Health: Talk openly about the fact that anyone can develop a mental health issue. Make it clear that seeing a professional for your mind is no different than seeing a dentist for your teeth or a doctor for your body.

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