Retrain Your Brain: Week Two

Welcome the second week of the Retrain Your Brain Challenge!

Featured Activity: Linking Linguistics
Log in to the REACH portal to see if you can determine the word that links these two together. Don’t forget to check out the other four activities available this week, too!

Your Temporal Lobes

The Linking Linguistics activity engages your temporal lobes that:

  • Help you manage semantic knowledge, or knowledge about objects, facts and word meanings
  • Develop language recognition skills since adolescence

Stress Tip: Communicate mindfully.
Take an extra moment to consider what it is you truly want to communicate and how you want to convey that message. When you’re talking with someone, listen to learn and understand what they are saying – try not to think about what you want to say when they have finished speaking.

Log in at Select the different sections of the brain to complete the daily activities. Earn one point per activity, for a maximum of five points each day.

Collect 70 points to complete the challenge before Oct. 31.