Retrain Your Brain Challenge: Week One

Welcome to week one of the Retrain Your Brain Challenge!

Featured Activity: Mental Rotation
Visit the REACH portal to see if you can mentally rotate the complex images presented to you in this week’s featured activity. Be sure to log in daily to test your mental rotation ability and to complete additional brain game challenges.

Your Parietal Lobes

The Mental Rotation activity engages your parietal lobes that:

  • Give us the ability to solve mathematical problems
  • Help us judge size, distance and shapes

Stress Tip: View a challenge from a different perspective.
The Mental Rotation activity employs the idea of changing our perspective, which is a technique that can also be used to navigate stressful situations better. Viewing a challenge from a different perspective doesn’t mean it has to be completely positive.

We can build our emotional resiliency by being supportive and caring toward ourselves. When we fail or struggle and we show ourselves a little support and understanding, this offers more emotional stability compared to solely looking at the positive side of a situation.

Log in at Select the different sections of the brain to complete the daily activities. Earn one point per activity, for a maximum of five points each day.

Collect 70 points to complete the challenge before Oct. 31.