July REACH Newsletter!

Update to Level 2 and 3-RMG Provider NOT Required

Ensuring the health and wellbeing of our employees remains a priority for Riverside Healthcare. Riverside appreciates the long standing and trusted relationships our employees and spouses have with their primary care providers. As a result, Riverside will not require an RMG provider as a requirement to participate in REACH Level 2 and 3, as previously shared.

Understanding your REACH eStatement

You recently received an eStatement for your Level 1 REACH requirements via email. This eStatement presents your status for meeting your requirements to earn incentives. A checkmark indicates that you have completed the requirement, whereas an X shows that you have not. Note that this is based on information received as of the send date of the eStatement, and it may take up to a week for a completed activity to be reflected in our records.

To see more details, log in to www.RiversideHealthcare.org/REACHon your desktop or mobile device or access the REACH wellness portal by clicking on the REACH icon found on Rivernet or the Employee Self Service Portal from the Riverside Network.

Requirements to meet your incentives include completing the Participation Consent Form, completing your online Health Assessment, completing your REACH labs, and scheduling your annual REACH well visit. The deadline to meet these requirements for Level 1 completion is Aug. 31. If you did not receive the email or have any additional questions, please contact the Employee Wellness Department at x 37296 or Asset Health at [email protected] or 855-444-1255.

Employee Wellness Department Key Dates

  • Biometric reminder sent to employees and spouses via email – July 18
  • REACH Level 1 Deadline: Aug. 31
  • Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Update on the Sports Challenge

The Stadium Step Tour Challenge has come to a close on June 25. We are very excited to have helped participants take steps in increasing their level of physical activity! Challenges are a fun, interactive way to improve health, increase your mood and get moving. Now that the challenge is over, we know that participants will do what it takes to keep up with their new healthy lifestyle! Make the new, healthy behaviors you have adopted during the challenge be a part of your regular routine.

Empower Retirement Plan

Riverside HealthCare is pleased to offer one-on-one meeting opportunities to speak with Jennifer Frahm, our Empower Retirement Education Counselor, about your Riverside HealthCare 403(b) Retirement Plan and discuss financial topics that are important to you, such as:

  • Plan details
  • Understanding your Lifetime Income ScoreSM
  • Saving more… increasing your deferral
  • The funds in your plan
  • Investing basics, such as financial terminology and risk assessment
  • Asset allocation and diversification
  • Getting ready for retirement

And much more!

To schedule your one-on-one meeting with Jennifer, go to riversidehealthcare.empowermytime.com Take action to reach your goals for financial wellbeing — schedule a meeting today!