Introducing Noom for A Healthier You and Rewards!

Embarking on a journey to better health is always a timely decision, and we’re excited to remind you that you have exclusive, complimentary access to Noom through Riverside Healthcare-an invaluable $199 health support at no cost to you. The program is available to all benefit eligible employees as well as spouses insured on the Riverside Health plan.

Noom stands out as a proven weight loss program, boasting an average of 15 pounds lost in just 16 weeks.

When you enroll, you’ll enjoy:

  • A tailored curriculum that inspires you from start to finish
  • Personalized guidance with a dedicated 1:1 coach
  • Access to an extensive food database for insightful tracking and nutritional learning
  • A transformative boost to your wellbeing, confidence, and overall happiness

Beyond the myriad health benefits, Noom is recognized as a Reasonable Alternative for the 2024 REACH Wellness Program. This means that should you fall short or not show improvement in at least 3 out of 5 key health measures, participating in the Noom program will earn you a coveted Level 2 credit!

To earn Level 2 credit, complete the following two requirements:

  1. Log at least two different activities each week. Activities include:
    1. Log Meals
    2. Log Weight
    3. Complete a day of lessons
    4. Message your coach, if you choose to have one
  2. Complete the above requirement for 8 out of 12 weeks

Ready to chart your course towards optimal health? Waste no time- sign up now and kickstart your journey..