Choose to Lose: Week 5

Week Five: Accountability

“Stop saying I wish; start saying I will.”

Accountability can be an important factor when it comes to weight loss success. This accountability can come from within or through others. Self-monitoring your daily food intake increases your success rate of weight loss because it makes you aware of what you are consuming and where extra calories may be coming from. Recording your fitness goals can also help hold you accountable and allow you to set realistic weekly or monthly goals.

An accountability partner has also shown to be effective with weight loss goals. Inform your spouse, friend or co-workers of your goals to help you stay accountable. This may even lead them to jump on board with you and start their own weight loss journey.

So, grab a notebook or download a food intake and fitness app and start recording!

Don’t Forget! Remember, your goal is to record your weight at least once each week for all eight weeks of the challenge. Complete the challenge to earn 25 Healthy Habit points.

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