Nurses Month Years of Service Raffle

Our nurses have a combined total of over 7000 years of service at Riverside. Each nurse was entered into a drawing, one entry per year of service, for a gift card to the Marketplace Gift Shop.

Congratulations to our winners:

  Michelle L Goselin20
  Neva Jean Lauvina22
 Mrs. Sarah N Mcclintock9
  Andrea M Mouritzen12
  Theresa V Rosales24
  Christine E Smith23
  Wanda J Hargate42
  Michelle M Landsmann18
  Edwina K Ferris36
  Kris M Madison13
  Laura E Holohan8
  Ashley N Perreault10
  Nicole M Salvarrey7
  Liberty A Erfe23
  Holly L Harder14
  Susan M Doran17
  Amy A Hansen39
  Cynthia D Degroot45
  Lisa M Bodemer37
  Trisha L Haines15
  Tyler Jon Burgess2
  Shellie D Harms41
  Colleen S Johnston39
  Karlie A Peters21
  Laurie J Billingsley34
  Jennifer L Conforti8
  Afton Kay Dearinger5
  Lee E Plugge9
  Laura Margaret Brown7
  Tammy J Mylcraine31
  Lauren J Stauffenberg15
  Tara Barnes-Cherry2
  Amy L Johnson28
  Lisa M Magruder20
  Shelleigh M Skopik16
  Amy C Sherrell6
  Joan M Kilpatrick8
  Martha J Mcgraw2
  Kim R Ruckman35
  Julie A Oliver15