DAISY Winner: Karen M

Congratulations to Riverside Healthcare’s most recent DAISY Award winner, Cardiac Cath Lab RN Karen Moore! Several co-workers and leaders gathered to help her celebrate.

Her nomination read: “I was involved with a code blue situation down in IR on 1/11/24. We had been coding the patient for approximately 20 minutes when they finally were bringing the wife in to discuss how to proceed. Once the wife entered the room, she could barely speak as she was so distraught over the situation. Karen Moore, without hesitation, made her way over to the wife and enwrapped her in a hug. Karen displayed the ultimate level of compassion and empathy during what could only be one of the worst times in this woman’s life. Karen assisted the wife into a chair to sit down and explain everything that was going on during the code and answer the wife’s questions about the equipment. For the rest of the entirety of the code, Karen stuck by this woman’s side, holding her hand until the wife had decided we could stop. Once the code was finished, more family had been brought into the patient’s side, and Karen continued to stick with the family, providing them emotional support and comfort. It was a truly remarkable moment to witness what Karen was able to provide to the family. Even describing it for this nomination, words cannot emphasize enough how life-changing this moment was. In my opinion, Karen demonstrated what it means to truly be a nurse here at Riverside.”