DAISY Winner: Jackie G.

Let’s recognize our newest DAISY Award winner, recovery room RN Jackie Granger! The DAISY Award is an honor that recognizes the exceptional, skillful, and compassionate care these nurses demonstrate for our patients and families every day.

Her nomination read: “On Thursday, June 9th, 2022, I had some vocal cord surgery. I have no family and a friend was out of town. Each nurse, tech and OR people were all very pleasant and caring. While I am an employee and do work at the PCD central waiting desk, I felt, as a patient, the need to share my remarkable experience. The first thing I remember [when] waking in the PACU was Jackie handing me [a] tissue to cough. The procedure was a bit rough on me and I was feeling emotional. I know this is going to sound cheesy, but part of our mission [is] to provide the kindest touch. Well, I experienced it in PACU from Jackie. She held my hand, she touched my cheek, she tried fixing my hair, she talked to me in such a calm and caring tone of voice. Jackie really cared about me and taking care of me. No matter how old a person is or what their life appears to look like, no one really knows what is going on inside of them. Sometimes we all need a reminder of why, as employees, we are here. Thank you, Jackie, for reminding me.”

Congratulations Jackie! Well deserved! #DAISY