DAISY Award: Mike C.

Meet our newest DAISY award recipient, Mike Cullinan. Mike is an Emergency Services Registered Nurse at Riverside Healthcare. The DAISY Award is an honor that recognizes the exceptional, skillful, and compassionate care these nurses demonstrate for our patients and families every day.

His nomination read, “Mike is an excellent example of what all people in the nursing profession should strive to be. He provides exception care to all of his patients and always goes above and beyond for their needs, no matter what extreme circumstances he and his ED team face every single day. Not only is Mike a fantastic nurse, but he is also one of the best coworkers anyone could ask for. Mike offers so much support and reassurance to everyone in the department. No matter how tough the night may be, Mike is always there offering help wherever needed and does his absolute best to support one another when we are all stressed out. Recently, Mike has served as relief charge nurse and does an extraordinary job at it. One night that stands out, July 5th; was a very busy night. Mike was in charge and like always, the department was extremely short staffed yet Mike was able to run the department like no other. Aside from being in charge of the ED, Mike also had his own assignment and also juggled a variety of tasks such as answering the EMS radio and making sure that patients were moving in and out of the ED appropriately, to accommodate all of the patients that continued to check in all night. From the start to the end of that shift not a single hour went by without multiple patients checking in, yet Mike did not allow that to affect him or his work ethic. Mike is always putting the needs of others before his own which shows just how amazing of a person he is. Mike is extremely liked by others and does not give himself enough credit for everything he does for the ED. If you were to ask anyone in the ED, they would say Mike is one of the best preceptors, coworker, friend and nurse Riverside has to offer. I am grateful to get to work with a nurse that inspires others to become a better person. Mike is very deserving of this award and should be recognized for the differences he makes in his patients and coworkers.” #DAISYaward

If you have had or witnessed extraordinary nursing care and would like to nominate your Riverside Healthcare nurse, visit http://bit.ly/Riverside_Daisy