Workplace Violence Survey - Please participate

Greetings Riverside,

The Workplace Violence Committee is invested in the safety of our fellow employees, our patients, and their loved ones while entrusted in our care; thus, we are conducting a full program review to validate current processes. We would like to receive your input as any changes will directly affect each and every individual on our team. It is important to us that we receive as much input from you all as possible.

The survey link below is open and will be until close of business on Friday, April 28th. I encourage everyone to be as truthful as they can be to guide us forward in our analysis. Thank you all for what you do to keep Riverside a safe and healing environment, especially in times of disruption.

Survey Link – Riverside Workplace Violence

Jay Kindle
Emergency Preparedness Coordinator
[email protected]
Direct Line: (779) 701-2131, Ext. 31932