We are ONE Riverside and now offer ONE billing statement!

We are pleased to announce a change to Riverside Healthcare’s patient billing. With this change, we are combining our professional billing and hospital billing into one simple monthly payment plan or wage deduction. Did you know that any Riverside employee with a .5 FTE or higher is eligible to request to have their payment automatically deducted from your bi-weekly paycheck and applied to your balance due?  If you are currently on a wage deduction for your hospital billing and your physician billing balances, they will now be automatically combined into one bi-weekly deduction.

On the new consolidated billing statement, we will bill you for both Riverside Medical Group providers, and Riverside Medical Center balances on the same billing statement.  You will receive one bill and make one payment for both balances.  All payments received are first applied to the oldest balance and dispersed to hospital and professional charges.  If you currently have a wage deduction for either your hospital or professional bill today, you will see it on your paycheck stub as one deduction instead of two.  Keep in mind with the new consolidation, we can only have a wage deduction or payment plan per guarantor.   Just as before, balances are not automatically added to your wage deduction, and if new balances are incurred, you must contact Patient Financial Services to have them added.  If you have any questions regarding your existing wage deduction or would like to set up a wage deduction, please call our Customer Service team at 815-935-7539 Monday-Friday from 8:30 AM-5 PM.