Join us for a State of Riverside Presentation

You’re invited to join Riverside team members at a State of Riverside Presentation throughout the month of May.

Wednesday, 5/18am-9amJohnson Lecture Hall
Thursday, 5/28am-9amHome Health Care – Peotone
Thursday, 5/21:30pm-2:30pmBourbonnais Senior Life Campus-Preisel Room
Friday, 5/311am-12nJohnson Lecture Hall
Wednesday, 5/81pm-2pmJohnson Lecture Hall
Wednesday, 5/81:30pm-2:30pmWestwood Oaks Community Room
Thursday, 5/912:30pm-1:30pmFitness Center Yoga Studio
Friday, 5/102pm-3pmMiller Suites Dining Room
Monday, 5/133pm-4pmJohnson Lecture Hall
Tuesday, 5/1412n-1pmCoal City Campus
Tuesday, 5/142pm-3pmCafeteria Back Dining Room
Wednesday, 5/157:30am-8:30amFrankfort Campus
Thursday, 5/167:30am-8:30amJohnson Lecture Hall
Thursday, 5/169am-10am and 10:30am-11:30amHoover-Education Dept
Thursday, 5/162pm-3pmCafeteria Back Dining Room
Monday, 5/204:30pm-5:30pmWatseka Campus
Tuesday, 5/211030am-11amJohnson Lecture Hall