NEW WFM Lunch Deduction and Timeclocks

Beginning Sunday 7/10/2022, WFM will begin automatically deducting a 30-minute unpaid meal period for any hourly employee who works 7.5 or more consecutive hours.

If an employee is unable to take a meal break, they should notify the individual that manages timesheets in their department so they can be rescheduled for an uninterrupted meal break during the same shift. If this is not possible, they must notify their department in writing to have their automatic meal deduction manually removed from their timesheet. If an employee works less than 7.5 hours and takes a meal break, they will need to notify their leader to manually add a meal break or clock and in out for their break. Written documentation of edits to timesheets must be retained for four years.

Beginning Monday 7/11/2022, Riverside Healthcare will be implementing new WFM Timeclocks. The new
Timeclocks will replace the traditional iPad timeclocks that employees have been previously using. ETM
(Timeclock desktop application) will still be available for those who have traditionally clocked in using their computer.

The WFM Timeclock is available in select locations across the health system (see back of handout) and will be wall-mounted. The Timeclock can be used for clocking on and off for shifts and unpaid meal periods, changing departments, jobs and time codes, viewing your schedule and swipes, and approving your time card. The new WFM Timeclock requires the employee to swipe their Riverside ID badge instead of manually typing in their employee ID.