Gender Pronouns for Email Signature

We are pleased to formally announce the introduction of gender pronouns in our organization’s email signature. Recognizing the importance of fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment, we invite everyone to share their preferred gender pronouns. Whether it’s he/him, she/her, they/them, or any other pronouns, this initiative aims to honor and affirm individual gender identities. We encourage open conversations and respect for all colleagues, making our workplace more welcoming. By embracing gender pronouns, we take another step forward in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, where each team member feels valued and comfortable being their authentic selves.

Please consider adding your preferred gender pronouns below your title with the inclusion of the link to the blog post for Why gender pronouns matter

You can manage your email signature in the settings option of your email.

Sample layout:

First_Name Last_Name
Pronoun/Pronoun why?

Contact Tierra Dixon-Sullivan, DEI Coordinator ([email protected]) for more information.