Starfish Nominees - August to October 2023

Congratulations to all of our Starfish Award nominees from August to October 2023!

The Starfish Award was established in 2023 by Riverside Healthcare to recognize employees who make a difference at Riverside every day. This award is intended to recognize ancillary team members who fill vital roles outside of nursing. These “difference makers” provide direct and indirect services to Riverside patients and the community.

Nominate a Riverside employee for an award here:

August: Hollie Beattie, Surgical Department Team, Madison McKee, Rachel Goodrich, Renee McCue, Diana Tighe, Chandra Seabaugh, Maria Saldivar, Tatum Reddy, Scott Nusbaum, Nancy Luca, Dawn LaBuda, Joscelyn Hernandez, Sharen Ryan, Carson Harris, Kristy Verthein, Tonya Fowler (Honoree), Nancy Garcia, Nick Chamberlain

September: Dana Hermann, Alex Kamp, Lennin Lopez, Nicole Potts, Tawana Regel, Jennifer Scheuber, Lucas Sluis, Deborah Wright, Jonathon Wheatley

October: Jen Kokos, Andrea Keith, Nicole Dufrain, Sharen Ryan, Nichole Lewis, Aaron Macgilvray, Anne Rockert, Spencer Olson, Timothy Damrow, Tammy McClellan, Jessica Carr, Elizabeth Elliot, Javonda Clincy, John Hoffman, Stephanie Sherrell