Starfish Award Winner: John H.

Congratulations to our most recent Starfish Ward Winner John Hebert, Patient Safety Partner! Read his story below.

On 4/17, John finished his shift and on his way to his car, he noticed something in the parking lot that looked like a trash bag of sorts. He thought it was odd, so he went to go check it out and it was an older man that had fallen in the dark, with his dark navy jacket on, hunched on the ground and couldn’t get up. John, with no hesitation, hurried over to ask the man if he was hurt, needed help, and what had happened. He called the house supervisor and let her know the situation and asked for security to come out to help as well. They were able to help the man up, offered him medical attention (which he refused) and found out he was a patient from Miller. I just felt this was very humbling to hear about, to hear that an employee who was off the clock and on his way home, still made time to make sure this man was helped up, wasn’t hurt and that he safely got back to Miller. If he hadn’t stopped to see what was going on, that man may have laid there unnoticed for quite some time. Not only did this situation cause me to feel obligated to nominate John, but also how each and every day I see him at work, everyone knows him. He is so friendly to all he comes in contact with, making friends everywhere he goes. Sometimes, I know he feels his job is insignificant, but he truly does make an impact in patients’ and coworkers’ lives. He is so deserving of some sort of recognition for all the hard work he does with keeping patients safe on the 5th floor and off the floor. The heart he puts into his job shows how much he truly cares for patients’ safety, and he will go out of his way to be sure this is accomplished, no matter if he is on the clock or not. He is very dedicated to Riverside and the mission that Riverside represents. I hope he can get some recognition for his heartfelt work!