Riverside Healthcare Honors 240 Dedicated Employees for Years of Service Milestones on 5/15/2024

Riverside Healthcare honored 240 dedicated employees who have devoted 10 to 45 years of service to our organization. The event, held at the Kankakee Fairgrounds on May 15, 2024, was a testament to the unwavering commitment and loyalty these individuals have shown throughout their careers.

Entertainment was provided by Second City, adding laughter and a touch of the unexpected to the evening. In addition to celebrating our employees, we introduced a special video presentation showcasing the rich history of Riverside. This video featured our first hospital CEO, who led our organization from 1963 to 1993,  sharing Riverside archive photos and the story of how Riverside first became reality in 1964. In addition, the video shared  reflections from some of our employees. These dedicated staff members who volunteered to be part of the video, graciously shared their personal experiences and memories, highlighting what makes Riverside special, why they have chosen to stay, and even some of the funniest stories they felt they could share that happened during their tenure.

To view this special video and learn more about the history and heart of Riverside, please click the link below:

Watch the Riverside Employee Reflections Video

The event was a small way to thank our employees and their guests for their dedication, hard work and unwavering commitment to our mission. Our staff help Riverside shine bright like a diamond in creating remarkable experiences for our community. We could not be more proud and grateful for their years of service and for allowing us to be a part of their lives.