New Years 2024-Patient Appreciation

Starting the new year off with a PATIENT APPRECIATION. . It’s always the extra mile we take that makes a patient know we are not just workers but we are workers who care. Just a couple of weeks before christmas, a patient had gone to have her annual screening mammo completed. Her dr. submit orders for additional views to be done. When our patient called to schedule she was in such a ram shack of confusion, she needed to get in right away, something must be wrong, and she just couldn’t wait til the next available appt. Well, I was able to get her in earlier with the assist of Allison Heil in breast image. I received calls and calls from the Pav, regarding a patient who was looking for me, once I got the call, I was told there was a lady at the pav. that wanted to see me and only me…WOW… Of course my emotions was all over the place, I felt like I was an angel who looked over this patient, understood her worries, and frustrations. The comfort I gave her was simply my kind heart, kind spirit, and caring about the need of another woman (could of been me) who just needed to know she would be alright; ‘I’ll rather my doctor do what ever it takes to make sure I’m in good health”. Lot of times we find out about certain conditions and illness that could have been taken care of sooner if we would have follow our doctors instructions and the spirit of discernment that God gives us. On the note, this years motto for me “Patients Appreciations” just a little of Patient and Kindness makes your work environment so pleasant.