DAISY Winner: Chloe Dalton

Congrats to our newest DAISY Winner Chloe Dalton. Here is the story, “I had been having regular contractions, so my husband and I headed to the hospital. I could tell my contractions were getting closer and stronger but upon an exam by Chloe, we found out that I was actually very (unexpectedly) close to delivery. We were thankful that Chloe had already started to compile our paperwork prior to us arriving. Having a lot to do and not a lot of time, Chloe kept calm and worked as a team with other nurses to make sure everything was ready for delivery. She coached me through the entire process. […] While it could have been a very nerve-racking process, Chloe made sure my husband and I understood everything that was happening, answered every question we had, and was there for any concern we expressed. Her care and passion for us as her patients made our experience something very special. She even took a few moments to check in on us in post-partum. She will always hold a special part in our memories for her compassionate and outstanding care.”