DAISY Winner: Ashely

Congratulations to our newest DAISY Award winner! Ashley is a Labor and Delivery RN with Riverside.

Her nomination from a mother to be read: “I want to take a moment to recognize my nurse, Ashley. I walked into the labor and delivery department from the ER for decreased fetal movements and already felt unsettled about the situation. However, the minute I walked into the department, I was greeted with the biggest smile and warmest welcome from Ashley. Trying my best to hold back tears from being nervous about my situation, Ashley reassured me that it was OK to cry if I needed and to let it out and that her and the rest of the staff would take care of me.

After bringing me into a room to get hooked up to the monitors, I again broke down into tears and explained that I had previously miscarried twice last year and apologized for being emotional. Again, Ashley took a deep breath with me, told me there was no need to apologize and that what I was feeling was validated and real and again OK.

As soon as she hooked me up to the monitor, I was able to see that my baby had changed positions, and that was why I could not feel the movements like I had been. I even felt a little silly for going in because my baby was so active on the monitor, but again, I couldn’t feel any of it. Ashley beat me to it by saying, “any time you feel a change, please come in because it’s better to be safe than sorry!”. We both took a sigh of relief!

I just want to say I’m so thankful there are nurses like Ashley out there, especially in the Labor and Delivery department. In an uncertain and stressful situation like mine, it was SO nice to have such a nice, calm, and respectful nurse by my side. She made me feel so comfortable and validated in me coming into the hospital!

Thank you, Ashley! Your compassion, optimism, and kindness did NOT go unnoticed. I appreciate you!”