Butterfly Award: Alyssa

Join us in celebrating Butterfly Award Winner Psychiatric Care Tech Alyssa. The Butterfly Award recognizes CNAs and Techs who go out of their way to provide compassionate patient care. Winners are nominated by patients, visitors, family members, co-workers, and physicians. All nominees are awarded a butterfly pin and certificate with their nomination.

Her nomination read: “YOU ARE AMAZING! Alyssa is fantastic to work with. Her care with patients is thorough and timely. She treats all patients with utmost respect and is empathic towards their concerns. Patients who interacted with Alyssa frequently commented on her excellent professionalism and competent care. There have been multiple occasions when families of all types of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds and speaks to Alyssa’s ability to provide culturally competent care. Of particular mention is Alyssa’s excellent ability to work and interact with patients struggling with a variety of medical issues. Her calm composure and assured manner helped put patients at ease. She was prompt in responding to patient requests and was consistently attentive to their concerns. Alyssa’s reliability and dependability in addressing symptoms has been superior. She is truly a great asset for the psych associates office!”