2022 Employee Influenza Vaccine Program

Employees have until 10/31 to show proof of flu vaccine.

Here are some important facts to know in order to receive your annual Seasonal Flu Vaccine:

  1. There are 2 dates left to select from to schedule your seasonal Influenza Vaccine in the Employee Health Office:

Tuesday 10/25/2022  from 1030-1330

Friday 10/28/2022 from 1330-1630

  • The Employee Health Office is located in Suite 504, which can be accessed by taking the B elevators to the 5th floor.   Please follow the instructions below for scheduling an appointment in MyChart.  Walk-ins for the above Employee Health Vaccine clinics are not recommended. 
  • The contraindications for receiving the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine are as follows:
    • People with severe, life-threatening allergies to any ingredient in a flu vaccine (other than egg proteins) should not get that vaccine.
    • People who have had a severe allergic reaction to a dose of influenza vaccine should not get that flu vaccine again and might not be able to receive other influenza vaccines.
    • If you ever had Guillain-Barré Syndrome (a severe paralyzing illness, also called GBS). Some people with a history of GBS should not get a flu vaccine. Talk to your doctor about your GBS history.
    • If you are not feeling well, please wait until your symptoms have improved and you are fever free.
  • You may receive the Seasonal Flu Vaccine with no contraindications with a COVID Vaccine, even on the same day, as long as they are given in different anatomical locations.
  • The Seasonal Influenza Vaccine medical and strongly held belief declination forms can be found in PolicyStat, as attachments to the Influenza Vaccination Program Policy. 
  •  Please review the attached Influenza Vaccine Information Sheet and contact Employee Health if you have additional questions. (This is the most recent VIS from the CDC). 

How to schedule your Seasonal Influenza Vaccine:

  1. Log into your MyChart app or website
  2. Go to “Visits”
  3. Select “Schedule an Appointment”
  4. Select “Employee Flu Vaccine (RHC Employees ONLY)”
  5. Select a day and time
  6. Verify your information
  7. You must complete the field which asks what you want to be addressed (you can just enter “vaccine” or “shot”).
  8. Confirm your appointment. 
  9. Prior to arriving, from your MyChart, select your scheduled appointment and eCheck-In. 
  10. Complete and sign the consent. 
  11. Present for your vaccination. 

UPDATE FLUBLOK doses are now currently available. We currently have Quadrivalent FluBlok doses available for persons with an egg allergy.   If you have received the FluBlok dose in the past, you may schedule an appointment for an Employee Health Flu Vaccine Clinic in MyChart.   When arriving, please notify the nurse vaccinator that you need a FluBlok vaccine.  If you have never received a FluBlok influenza vaccine in the past, please contact Employee Health and submit documentation of your egg allergy to [email protected].   Documentation should include allergy testing, and/or a letter from your PCP.  

Limited High Dose Quadravalent Influenza Vaccines are available 10/4/22 and after:  We have limited availability for the Quadrivalent High Dose Flu vaccine for persons 65 years and older. We do not plan on having it available again until our Employee Health Flu Vaccine Clinic scheduled for 10/4/2022. Please post pone or schedule your Flu Vaccine for 10/4 or after if you are requesting the High Dose vaccine.  

Employees in Riverside Medical Group locations: 

Employees may receive their Seasonal Flu Vaccine by scheduling in MyChart for any of the above Flu Vaccine Clinic dates or may receive their Flu Vaccine in their RMG location. Separate instructions will be emailed to those locations’ leaders. The Employee Flu Vaccine Consent must be completed, and documentation of the vaccine must be completed in EPIC.

Employees in any Senior Life Community: 

Employee may receive their Seasonal Flu Vaccine by scheduling in MyChart for any of the above Flu Vaccine Clinic dates or may receive their Flu vaccine at Miller Healthcare, Westwood, or Bourbonnais Grove. Please watch for communication from your leaders.

All other Locations:

Please follow the above scheduling and vaccine clinic instructions. Additional remote or mobile clinics may be considered based on available resources.   Please contact Jo Kilpatrick for information at [email protected]