DAISY Winner: Janet W

Our most recent DAISY Award winner is Janet W., an RN in our 3ICU area. She was nominated by a co-worker who has seen countless acts of compassion by Janet to her patients and others. #DAISYAward

Her nomination read, “There was a patient on the unit that had been struggling with their health for a long time before getting answers that she needed open heart surgery. Janet, being the compassionate and caring nurse that she is, found out that the patient loved to play Uno Attack. All weekend they talked about the joys of playing the game. The next day, Janet went above and beyond for the patient. She brought the game to the unit. The patient was scheduled for open heart surgery that day. It brought the most amazing smile to her face. I have witnessed countless compassionate and caring acts of kindness that Janet has made over the years. She is one of the most amazing nurses. She truly cares and gets to know each one of her patients, including what they love and what motivates them. She is an extraordinary nurse. For days after the event, the patient asked if Janet was here and when she would be back. She even asked the other nurses if they wanted to play. Janet, of course, had left the game for the patient to play. That one of act of kindness helped the patient get through the difficult recovery from open heart surgery. Janet is truly a blessing to Riverside and all of the patients that she comes across. She is the definition of extraordinary.”