DAISY Winner: Haley M.

Congratulations to our newest DAISY Award winner Haley Mau!

Here is the story: Haley Mau was my mother’s nurse for her final two days of her life. Mom suffered a massive stroke on Sunday but her body didn’t quit until Wednesday. It was a very long three days. While (almost) all staff were very kind, Haley’s gentle, quiet competence made a difference in this difficult time for our family. She worked beautifully with hospice once we involved them. And when an overnight nurse did not give my mom her medications appropriately Haley jumped to make it right when she arrived. ||I knew Haley when she was in grade school in Herscher and I was her Library Media Specialist. It was a joy to meet her as an adult, excelling in her chosen profession. She MINISTERED to my mom and all of the family. As my mother took her last breath I was holding Mom’s hand. The rest of the family was not able to get there. Haley was with me. I will forever be grateful for her many kindnesses, but most of all for that quiet competence. Thank you, Haley.