DAISY Award Winner: Sam R.

Congratulations to Riverside Healthcare’s most recent DAISY Award winner, 5 East RN Sam Ruffolo! Family, co-workers, and leaders gathered to help her celebrate.

The nationwide DAISY award program recognizes nurses’ exceptional clinical skills and compassion. Sam was nominated for her outstanding patient care.

“Let me begin by simply saying, that nurses are Angels! If you ask me how I know this, simply put, it’s because of the way they made me feel. Many times you can’t always put into words those emotions which are felt, due to the fact that emotions can be such as a superficial or visceral feeling. I want to talk about my angel Sam Longo. Sam had been my nurse for the night shift while I was here at Riverside. I came into the hospital not feeling well, and of course a little bit scared. During the course of my stay, all of the staff on 5 East I could see were working so hard. The floor seemed to be busy with hustle and bustle each day I was here, even into the night shift. When I found out that Sam was going to be my nurse after she introduced herself to me the first night that we met, I instantly felt that without even knowing why, that I was in the hands of someone who was meant to be doing what she was apparently called to do. As I got to know Sam a bit better, her demeanor was always calm and professional. She explained all aspects of my care to me very thoroughly, and took an enormous amount of time to answer my never ending questions. Sam could sense that I was still uneasy about the uncertainty of my situation even after she answered the million questions I asked her. While sensing this, Sam never left my side throughout the night. Of course I don’t mean that she never left my room, rather the lasting impression she left upon me when she left the room continued to stay with me the entire night. What I did not realize while she was there with me explaining everything, became apparently clear to me when she left my room to see her other patients. That realization was the lasting impression and impact that her kind, and soft words had on me. Even though I was blessed enough to not be in terrible health as some unfortunate patients on the floor had I’m sure, Sam never let it show that any of her other patients took any more priority than me. For that feeling alone, I am and will be forever grateful and blessed to have not felt that my needs took any backset to anyone else. Riverside has always had a great reputation, and I have had my care here for many years. It is so refreshing to still see so much compassion and kindness out there from nurses who have been through hell and back with the global pandemic. I am sorry that this letter has gone a bit long in the tooth, however in life, there are enough things that are always pointed out that can be improved, but not always are those extraordinary examples of angels like my nurse Sam are brought front and center. Sam has a gift and more importantly, she knows how to use that gift. Thank you Riverside for having such a nurse, and as I said starting out, Sam was my angel.”

To nominate a nurse, or learn more about this program visit bit.ly/Riverside_Daisy