DAISY Award Winner: Mckenna

Congratulations to our newest DAISY Award Winner!

Mckenna has a very special way of connecting with each and every one of her patients. She loves to make everyone smile and is always willing to help with anything and everything you could throw at her. I have never met a nurse that was a bigger advocate for her patients. She has such a big heart and was truly made to be a nurse. Her compassion and skill are just a few of the qualities that make her such a great member of our Labor and Delivery Team. She recently had a very critically ill patient that was in need of an urgent cesarean section. This patient arrived without a support system and no prenatal care during her pregnancy. Mckenna stepped right in and made sure that she felt comforted and supported while also prioritizing her clinical needs. After her procedure, the patient had a life-threatening event and Mckenna most certainly had a hand at saving her life. Mckenna was quick to recognize that the patient was deteriorating rapidly. She did this while also managing another high acuity patient and helping her fellow coworkers. She was adamant that this patient needed a much higher level of care than we could provide in Labor and Delivery and acted quickly to get her the help that she needed and assist with her transfer to the ICU. In the following days while in the ICU, Mckenna frequently checked in on her. Mckenna made sure to be present prior to her discharge to ensure that the patient was equipped with the necessary resources and support she would need at home. Mckenna is committed to her patients and seeing that they are cared for even when they are no longer technically “”her patients””.