DAISY Award: Jessica D.

Jessica’s nomination read: “My 67-year-old mother was admitted through the ER on Saturday, August 28th. She was impatient for five days. As the daughter of the patient, it was tough not being around 24/7 to know what was going on. Will she be OK? What will test results say, etc? It’s very worrisome. This causes sleepless nights, stress, worry, fear, sadness, overall emotions. On Tuesday, my mom was scheduled for surgery. While prepping her for surgery, she went into AFib. The surgery was canceled. A heart monitor, EKG, and echo took place instead. All my worry, stress, fear, sadness went higher. When I left my mom to go home that night, I left her in God’s hands and JD’s. I had a sticky note full of questions and concerns. JD heard my concerns. She could hear it in my voice and see it on my face. She listened, she took notes, and she answered all my questions. When I hugged my mom goodbye (before leaving her with JD), first time in 3 nights, I relaxed. I knew JD was going to take care of my mom. That night I slept all night. When I asked my mom the next morning, she slept great too. JD was on top of everything. She didn’t have to wait to use the restroom. JD knew my mom’s heart results, checked her blood sugar, was on top of the IV bags beeping. She was on it! The care and treatment she gave my mom was outstanding! The peace of mind she gave me that night was exceptional. Sometimes the patient isn’t the nurse’s patient. Sometimes the families need comforting and peace of mind. JD showed us that. My mom’s surgery was a success! JD took excellent care of my mom. She also took excellent care of my mom’s family, just by listening, answering questions, and hearing what I had to say. JD was our angel. I will always appreciate you JD. Thank you so much To all the nurses on the 3rd floor: THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO! NURSES ARE THE BEST!”We are grateful to have Jessica caring for our patients and their families. #daisyaward