Congrats to DAISY Award Winner Amy T.

Congratulations to our first DAISY Award winner here at Riverside!

The first DAISY Award recipient at Riverside is Amy T. Amy is a nurse on 3 Cardiac Telemetry who was nominated by a patient’s family. The nationwide DAISY award program recognizes the exceptional clinical skills and compassion shown by nurses.

The nomination read, “Amy was my mother’s nurse during a stressful time in our life. My mother was going to have heart surgery and my siblings and I were all nervous, as well as my mother. My father passed away earlier this year during a heart surgery so we were all anxious and scared. Amy went out of her way to come talk to us multiple times the day before, held my mother’s hand, reassured her that the doctors were wonderful and would take amazing care of her.”

“The day of the procedure she was so calm and it eased my mother’s nerves as well as mine. She went through her preparation every step of the way and even came to her recovery room to see her after her shift. That to me is the definition of an amazing nurse, an angel. She truly made my mother’s experience wonderful. Riverside will always have our hearts. Thank you Amy!”