Bourbonnais Primary Care and Internal Medicine Clinics Go Blue

In memory of Sargeant Marlene Rittmanic and in honor of her laying to rest on Friday, the Bourbonnais Primary Care and Internal Medicine RMG clinics wore blue shirts and ribbons. We were too busy to get any group pictures to share; so please forgive the old carpet in the photo of the ribbons!

Some wore the custom made shirts shown that brought one patient to tears when she was being roomed during her visit. She was so grateful to see the show of support as her husband is a long time officer who has worked with Sargeant Rittmanic. Another patient thanked us for turning off HGTV to switch to ABC for the funeral coverage. We were equally touched that our efforts to show support were appreciated and made a difference in a few patients’ days. We aren’t just OneRiverside, but One Community!