How to change benefits due to a Life Event

How do I make changes to my benefits due to a Life Event (birth, marriage, loss or gain of coverage elsewhere, etc.)?

You have 30 days from a Qualifying Event to make changes to your benefits. 

  • Go to InforESS and hover over the “Benefit Information” icon and click on “Benefit Information”.  There you will find details about our benefits, such as the benefit presentation, benefit guide, highlight sheets, rates, plan summaries and more to help you decide what plans to choose.
  • Once you’ve reviewed all the information and are ready to enroll, go back to the InforESS Home page, click the plus sign (+) next to Benefits in the left hand menu bar and select “Life Events” then “Add Life Event” and choose the appropriate life event.
  • Be sure to enter the appropriate Event Date.  For example, Loss of Coverage or Spousal change of Employment, will be the actual date of the loss or gain of coverage as stated on documentation.
  • Click the check box and then View Life Event to start your enrollment.
  • You will need to provide documentation of the event.  For Loss of coverage, your COBRA notice will have the date your previous benefits ended.  Or for gain of coverage, a confirmation statement will do.  You can attach those documents by scanning or taking a picture of them and saving them as a file.  Then attach it by clicking on the file icon.
  • If you are adding dependents to your plan, you will need to supply Dependent Verification Documentation such as birth certificates for children, marriage certificate for spouse, or tax forms.
  • Make sure to Review and Submit.  Once submitted, check your confirmation statement to assure that the enrollment is correct.  If not, you can make changes and re-submit.

Click this link for screenshots instructions and answers to other frequently asked benefit questions: 

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