If you are enrolled in the Riverside Employee Medical Plan, it’s important to remember that going to
Riverside for your care or to a provider in the Riverside Medical Group (RMG) will assure that you are
getting the best level of coverage. All of Riverside’s medical plans use the same United Healthcare
Choice Plus network. In that network, there are two level or ‘tiers’: Tier 1 is Riverside and other key
providers and Tier 2 is all other United Healthcare Choice Plus providers. By choosing Tier 1, you will pay
a lower deductible and max out of pocket.

However, if there is a service that you need that Riverside does not provide, you should email HR-
[email protected] before your visit to appeal to have the visit covered at the Tier 1 level. For example…
Rush University Medical Center is our Tier 1 alternative for services that Riverside doesn’t provide, but
the providers at Rush are Tier 2. So if you have to go to RUSH, you can contact us with the providers
information and date of service and we can appeal to have that provider’s visits covered at Tier 1.

Go to and Login (or register) to use the online searchable tool to find all providers on
the Tier 1 list (see page 4 of the Benefit FAQ’s for instructions).

Click this link for answers to frequently asked benefit questions:

HR Benefits
[email protected]
HR Benefits Office – Suite B501 (take the B Elevators)
Direct Dial: (779) 701-2092
Internal Ext. 37270
Riverside Healthcare
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